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Welcome to Frydenhaug kindergarten

Frydenhaug kindergarten is a Council run all day kindergarten for approx. 90 – 100 children aged from 1 to 6 years old.

About and contact

Download information in pdf here.

The kindergarten has 5 departments. Eika, Bjørka and Ospa for children aged 1 – 3 years old. Grana and Furua for children aged 3 – 6 years old.
If necessary the departments can divide the allocated places between two children.
The kindergarten is located in Kaja next to a wooded area approximately 1 km from Ås centre and walking distance from UMB. The easiest way to the Kindergarten is via Samfunnsveien.
Kindergarten address: Skogveien 16, 1430 Ås
Head: 64962660/61
Secretary: 64962662
Grana: 64962663
Furua: 64962664     
Ospa: 64962665
Bjørka: 64962668
Eika: 64962669
We also use the app "Transponder". We want all parents to load it down. We send out common information from the departments. You can also report sick leave here. 

Settling in

It is important that the parents can be together with the child at the Kindergarten to begin with. It is in that time that the ground work for cooperation between the home and the Kindergarten is established.
The early days in the Kindergarten can be very hard for the child. There are many new and unfamiliar people for the child to get used to and many new experiences to digest.
There can be variations on how long the child needs to adjust to the new environment. Our experience is that it will take approximately 3-5 days for children over 3 years old and more for children under 3 years old.

Most employees will have tariff agreements for 3 days free with pay in order to accustom their own children to the Kindergarten. 

Settling in to the Kindergarten will be agreed for each day with the personnel in each Department after the child has started.

All children have a contact person in the Kindergarten. The contact person will greet you on arrival and have the extra responsibility for the child and contact with the parents during the settling in period.

Opening hours

The kindergarten’s year starts 1st August. The kindergarten is closed for 3 weeks during the summer (week 28, 29 and 30) and 6 separate planning days during the year, plus Christmas and New Years Eve. We close at 12 noon on the Wednesday before Maundy Thursdays.
The Kindergarten has minimum opening hours from 06.15 - 16.45 hours
The Kindergarten decides themselves the opening hours in the time frame 07.00 - 17.00 hours if there is a special need.

For this Kindergarten year the opening hours are from 07.00-17.00 hours. 

Vacation/summer opening Kindergarten/Christmas and Easter

All children must have 4 weeks vacation during the Kindergarten year. Three of those weeks are in July when the Kindergarten is closed. The Kindergarten is closed for 6 separate days because of planning. If the parents can get confirmation from their employer that they cannot take the vacation in the July period they may apply for special consideration.  Application to be handled by the Head.

Delivery and collection of the children

The daily contact is important. We can share information about the child and get to know each other better. We hope you take time to deliver the child in the morning and when you collect the child in the afternoon. Then we will get time to talk and the child will get time to finish the playing. If the child is to be colleted by someone else, we need to know.
Please make sure you tell us when you arrive and leave. Let us adults be a good example and greet each other in the morning and say goodbye in the evening.
Car drivers must turn off the engine so we can avoid the fumes into the playground. It is also very important that when you bring and collect your child you remember to close the gate.
We maintain strict rules that the children wait inside the fence until you are ready to go. We will be spared the worry about children who are un-supervised.
If children are going home to each others house it is wise to agree between the parents first.


The children will be served lunch, drinks and a fruit meal every day. For that the parents pay kr. 400,- per month.


The children have to dress appropriately for inside and outside. For different seasons the clothes have to be practical, spacious and easy to move in.
Needs to be at the Kindergarten
Slippers/inside shoes are optional.
Minimum one extra set of clothing.
Waterproof clothes and boots are mandatory.
Winter clothing, outside garments and wooly underwear during winter months.
All clothing and shoes must be named (a marker pen can be used).
If the child has a plastic bag on the shelf this means that there is wet or dirty clothes inside and must be taken home and washed and replaced the following day.
Borrowed clothing must be washed and returned to the Kindergarten.
Parents must keep their child’s shelf in the entrance hall in order.


All absence must be reported to the Kindergarten. It is important that the parents give information to the personnel regarding sickness. You can send a message in Transponder. The personnel will decide whether to inform other parents and take appropriate action as necessary in the Kindergarten.
Sickness: Evaluate the child’s general conditions. Is it too tiresome for the child to be at the Kindergarten?
Half sick children need more attention – is that possible at the Kindergarten?  
As a rule any child in a poor state of health i.e. fevers or acute diarrhea is to be kept at home.
An infection is a great risk at the Kindergarten –therefore please consider the other children, parents and personnel.
With any virus sickness/epidemic the personnel will display information for parents on the notice board and on the door into the entrance hall.
It is difficult for us when the child can’t be outside and comes to the Kindergarten. This has to be discussed with the personnel before you arrive at the Kindergarten, we ask for your understanding if we have to say no.
If the child becomes sick whilst in the Kindergarten, the parents will be contacted - NB always give notice if you are not available on your home phone number.
With an emergency sickness/accident, we will first contact a doctor, where we will get immediate access.
Doctor’s treatment is covered by the insurance.
Give notice to the personnel if the child has been sick during the weekend or evening/night so we can be aware and pay more attention to the child. Children who throw up during night/morning cannot come to the Kindergarten the next day.


All children are covered by accident insurance. Insurance is only valid inside the Kindergartens area and on walks with the personnel from the Kindergarten. The insurance is also valid on the most direct way to and from home to the Kindergarten.


All personnel who work in the Kindergarten have signed a confidentiality clause which applies to all information regarding the child and his/her home situation which we may become aware of through our work.